…37% of girls reported feeling “unhappy, worthless or unable to concentrate
(Department of Education report) 




…to support them to develop the self-belief and resourcefulness to progress personally and academically






“I’ve learnt how to value myself and everything about me”  Kelly (year 9) 




Are your teen girls struggling and distracted in class?

Do you feel frustrated that instead of engaging at school, teen girls are preoccupied by their appearance, distracted by fall-outs with friends or the latest social media row? Perhaps you’re worried about the effects of unrealistic images of celebrities? And are you concerned about growing levels of self-harming, eating disorders, anxiety and depression?

Confident Teens can help.

We support teen girls to value and believe in themselves. Our empowering programmes enable girls to build self-awareness, inner confidence and bigger ambitions for themselves, so they are able to best navigate their teen years and beyond.

A proven track record in empowering teen girls

Girls who take part in the Confident Teens programmes better express themselves in class and with their friends, have increased body confidence, clear goals with a plan to achieve these and are empowered to make smart choices in their relationships. In all, they show progress at school, both personally and academically. Added to that, this early intervention helps to prevent mental health and other issues developing.

We work closely with schools to address the specific challenges that their students are facing. Please contact us to discuss how we can support you and your students.


“Children with higher levels of well-being have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in schools”  Department of Education

Caroline Walker discussing with Steve Biddulph how feminism empowers teen girls to be their best selves

95% of students said the workshops were excellent/good
Two-thirds reported they had positively changed their attitude or approach

“The Building Resilience programme had a significant impact on students. They have developed their self-awareness, personal skills and become more self-assured. Highly recommended.” Headteacher

“I liked the range of thought-provoking questions/quotes/clips and how you kept the girls moving from one activity to another”

Sara realises body confidence isn’t about her body

During the body confidence workshop, it was clear that Sara was finding it difficult to find a way to think positively about her body. We’d explored as a group the prevalence of digital editing in images. Sara particularly liked the before/after shots of Katy Perry! By understanding that these pictures simply aren’t real Sara was seeing that it wasn’t helpful to compare herself to something that had been generated by a computer. Although she still found it impossible to find things she liked about her body.

The turning point came when our discussion turned to our ‘inner selves’. We first brainstormed all the qualities that we admired in other people, such as kindness, generosity, a good sense of humour and much more. I supported Sara and the other girls in the group to see that actually it is these qualities which define us a people – not the colour of our hair, the shape of our eyebrows or our weight. I could see a penny had dropped for Sara. Click here to find out what made the difference for Sara

“I recommend and value these workshops as they can help to prevent mental health problems developing in teenage girls.”
Dr Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist

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