Building Resilience Programme


As teachers you know the impact on learning of friendship difficulties, social media upsets and body worries for teen girls. You see the distraction, anxiety and, sadly all too often, mental health problems that can develop due to these pressures.

But what if girls could learn tools and develop their skills to be able to handle these situations better?

As well as being more motivated to improve their grades, in preparation for their GCSE years, what if less distraction plus higher aspirations could also combine to result in better behaviour in class too?

Building resilience is key to improving outcomes

Confident Teens has designed the Building Resilience programme to combat these pressures on teen girls and build their resourcefulness.

Building Resilience consists of a series of six workshops (see below). Through increasing self-awareness and personal development, the programme addresses the barriers to learning for students, enabling them to progress.

It forms part of schools’ preventative mental health strategies, by supporting girls to develop their self-belief and help prevent mental health problems develop.

As well as varied resources in the sessions, every student has her own four-page workbook in every workshop, to use for self-reflection and keep afterwards (a series of six in all).  These resources can also be helpful for parents and guardians to support their daugthers.

The programme consists of six one hour workshops.  Each topic has been carefully address the areas that girls worry about most.  By addressing these areas, and building girls’ skills, contributes to reducing their distraction in class, and so increasing their engagement.

The topics are:

Confident Teens is proud to partner with Herts for Learning, a leading education company operating with a not-for-profit ethos, to offer this Building Resilience programme to schools in Hertfordshire. Contact us to find out more.

“This student is much more engaged and willing to try difficult questions”


Building girls’ self-belief and pride in their own individuality.

Building skills and confidence to contribute positively in class, speak to others in a range of situations, and present themselves well.

Encouraging the girls to be ambitious for their futures, be inspired by role models and consider different careers.

Developing girls’ awareness of media messages about bodies, and supporting them to accept and have confidence in their changing bodies.

Supporting the girls to be resilient and assertive in their relationships with their family, friends and boys.

Celebrating their talents and abilities, and giving them an opportunity to ask questions and develop their learning.

Proven track record in schools

This six-week programme for Years 7, 8 and 9 girls has a proven track record in schools and academies, receiving excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents.

At the end of the programme every girl is awarded a certificate to mark their completion of the programme.

95% of girls rate the workshops as excellent or good,
with two-thirds reporting a positive change in their attitude and approach.

Measuring impact and providing evidence

Measuring impact and providing evidence is integral to the programme, including a before/after comparison of students’ attitudes, plus students’ written feedback of their experience. These findings are compiled into a report for the school, alongside examples of output from the sessions.


To ask any questions, or find out more, please give us a call on 01442 879932 , or email

Or use our contact form to send us your email address and we’ll be in touch to with further details and to discuss the needs of your students and school.

We look forward to supporting your teen girls to progress both personally and academically, through building their confidence and resilience.

“This programme had a significant impact on our students. They have developed their self-awareness, personal skills and become more self-assured. I recommend it highly.”

Frances Manning, Headteacher,
Hitchin Girls’ School

“This programme has been fantastic for my daughter.  I have seen a remarkable difference in her.  She still talks about ways you taught her to deal with situations”


“I’ve learnt how to value myself and everything about me”


Two-thirds of girls report feeling ‘more confident’ after the session